Rabu, 28 Mei 2014

Tugas Softskill Writting (Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2)

Nama : Shakina Dwiandari

NPM : 26211720

Class : 3EB19

TUGAS SOFTSKILL (Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2)


              Hay, my name is Shakina Dwiandari. You can call me Ina. I'm 21 years old. My birthday on 9th Mei 1993. I live on Perumahan Jatiasih Indah, Jl. Tidore C2/266. Bekasi. I'm friendly with all. I have much friends in social media and real live. Sometimes I'm shy with the people who know me. But honestly I'm kind if you know who I'm. I have best friend. Sometimes I'm shy with the people who know me. But honestly I'm kind if you know who I'm. I have best friend. They are yunica, dini, annisa dwi, desma, ade, amalia, and annisa rahma. I have boyfriend. He is Reza. I'm call him eja. They are always make me happy and brought in my live. My hobby is reading book especially novel. I like novel. Then I like playing computer sometimes I playing games or open social media for promotion my bussiness. I'm sell fashion girls and accesories. If you interestead for buy you can pay via mandiri and after that t-shirt or accessories send via JNE. Booking no cancel! I feel enjoy in my live because every moment always make me happy and unforgettable moment. Althought some people sometimes make me unmood but it is not long and I feel happy again. Yes it is live. Many people in this live. I must to understand character of everybody beacause everybody have not same character with me from here I can have much friends.

         I have one brother. My brother name is Faris Biladi. He college at UIN Ciputat, Jakarta majoring IT but he was graduation yesterday. He has project make WEB and sometimes he help me for promotion my bussiness. My father work at DEPKES. Sometimes he trip out of Java example Sulawesi. I miss my father so much! :( then my mom not work. She work at kitchen hehe she is amazing mom in this world because when I'm sick and bedrest at hospital, she is always beside me. I love my family so much because they are my everything.

            My education is junior high school at SMPN 9 Bekasi, senior high school at SMAI PB. Soedirman galaxi, Bekasi and my college at Gunadarma University majoring accountancy. For first time, I will give up because I think I can't in this majoring. But my family and my best friend always support me and beside me if I feel down :') and then I believe I can do it! I'm semester 6 at Gunadarma University and next year I'm must graduation because I want to my parents proud of me. I'm very busy on this semester because many task from my campus, laboratorium, and I must to make PI (Penulisan Ilmiah) it must be made to get the D3 title. Althoght I take S1 but I have to pass it first time.

         My goal in this world I want to be success person and I wanna best accountant in this world. I want to work at Bank because I think it's a good job and I'm interestead about it. Someday I want make my parents proud of me and I want marry with a good soulmate hihi sometimes I think entrepeneuship it's a good job but no problem if I'm working at bank and I'm entrepeneuship too because from entrepreneuship, I can have much friends and networking. I feel enjoy and happy to work it. My motto and always make me strong is never give up, do the best and be the best!!

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